Join us at the EASTER CAMP 2024 by DC POLE STUDIO.
Get ready to embrace your femininity and unleash your inner strength.
Our camp isn't just about pole dancing—it's about creating an unforgettable experience where you can relax, recharge, and have a great time with your
pole buddies.



Are you looking to perfect your tricks or routines in pole dance? Are you seeking a tailor-made class to refine your technique and advance in your practice?
Join us for our 2-week Easter Pole Camp, where you'll have the opportunity to participate in 4 "pole practice" of 1h30 classes led by our talented instructors.

You'll be able to bring your favorite routine or movement and receive personalized advice to help you achieve your goals. Our instructors will be available to answer all your questions and guide you in your progression. Max 2 persons per pole!

WHEN: 2, 4, 8 & 11/4 at 19h45-21h15
LEVEL: all levels
PRICE : 15€ or Easter pass


DC POLE studio organises a 4-day pole camp for complete beginners. Each day, you will follow a 1h30 class to learn the basics of pole dancing (6h).

Experience floor work, pole poses, and basic spins. Learn how to create a flow of energy between the movements. After this pole camp you will be able to join the BEGINNER1 level.

Tuesday 2/4 at 18h-19h30
Thursday 4/4 at 18h-19h30
Monday 8/4 at 18h-19h30
Thursday 11/4 at 18h-19h30

PRICE: 99€ instead 105€



During this serie of workshops, we will introduce you to a functional model of movement and strength training based on the latest discoveries and knowledge around, neuro-physiology, fascia, tensegrity, biomechanics, efficiency and performance in motion and movement.

For every trick, you will not only get a glimpse of theory around practical cases but also and foremost be personally assessed for the movement to evaluate your strength and weaknesses in mobility, stability, strength, and power specific for this movement. Based on this global assessment, we will build, experience, and offer you a personalised functional workout to practice during 3 weeks before coming to the second workshop for this specific pole trick.

WHEN: 3/4 at 19h-20h30
LEVEL: all levels
PRICE : 25€ or Easter pass
INSTRUCTOR: David Verstraeten


Learn how to create beautiful lines and shapes on the pole with Flo. In this workshop you will go through various spinning pole techniques. You will explore tools on how to enhance your quality of movement and look beautiful as you perform your tricks on the pole. 

This workshop is not just about tricks, its about how to perform your tricks. 

WHEN: 6/4 at 13h-14h30
LEVEL: all levels
PRICE : 25€ or Easter pass
INSTRUCTOR: Florence Jansen


During this workshop given by Linde Malfait, you will be exploring your dark feminine side in a safe way.

With this choreography you tell a story of how the world sometimes wants us to keep quiet, keep our voices down, but how we rise up and be the strong, powerful women we are.
It’s an intricate, vulnerable and strong choreography, that at the same time shows suppressed emotions, delicate movements and the soft side of our beings. Everyone is welcome, just don’t forget your dancing heels, knee pads and some water!

Don’t bring your pole-shoes, but look for a stiletto or thin heel boots, or shoes with a strap !

WHEN: 6/4 at 18h-19h30
PRICE: 25€ or Easter pass
LEVEL: all levels
INSTRUCTOR: Linde Malfait


You have been taking pole dance classes for a while and would like to learn a new skill, some great variations and other moves?
Discover pole dance workshops with pole straps.

A pole dance strap is a strap specially designed to be attached to the bar with a loop. During 1h30, you will learn wonderful spins, tricks & combinations with the strap.
Beginners: spins & basic invert

WHEN: 9/4 at 18h30-20h
LEVEL on pole: Beginners
PRICE: 25€ or Easter pass
INSTRUCTOR: Diana Crista


You have been taking pole dance classes for a while and would like to learn a new skill, some great variations and other moves?
Discover pole dance workshops with pole straps.

A pole dance strap is a strap specially designed to be attached to the bar with a loop. During 1h30, you will learn wonderful spins, tricks & combinations with the strap.
Inter:  more difficult combinations & deadlift

WHEN: 9/4 at 20h05-21h35
LEVEL on pole: Inter
PRICE: 25€ or Easter pass
INSTRUCTOR: Diana Crista


Are you looking for an original activity to do with your lover? 

Bring him/her to a pole dance class. After a proper warm up you and your partner will work on basic pole dance techniques, climbs, grips and duo moves. 

Let's have fun together!

WHEN: 10/4 at 18h-19h
LEVEL: all levels
PRICE: 25€ for 2p or Easter pass
INSTRUCTOR: Diana & Tatiana


Twice the fun and don't be afraid: in this workshop, we will take you into the world of duo pole! We will begin the class with exercises designed to build trust and inspire creative movement. It will focus on doubles poses, spins, and transitions on the pole. Inversion is mandatory to follow this workshop.

WHEN: 10/4 at 19h15-20h45
LEVEL: high beginner / inter
PRICE: 25€ pp or Christmas pass
INSTRUCTOR: Katrien & Diana 

Dancing by crossing pole language and contemporary dance. This workshop will help you to improve your technical pole figures while discovering or perfecting your contemporary dance skills. The focus is on dance, choreography, fluidity and exploring the language of each body.

WHEN: 13/4 at 13h30-15h
LEVEL: all levels
PRICE: 25€ or Easter pass
INSTRUCTOR: Nathalie Lenoir



Girly hip-hop ragga dance workshop
If you want to explore your femininity through dance this workshop is for you: sensuality, technique, musicality and attitude will have no more secrets for you!

After 1h30 workshop, you will find your inner goddess.

WHEN: 13/4 at 15h30-17h
LEVEL: all levels
PRICE: 25€ or Easter pass
INSTRUCTOR: Yenne Haesevoets



Pole dance might seem impressive at first but pole dance is accessible to each person whatever their age or fitness level. Pole dance is for all ages and body shapes! A fun and original way to build strength, flexibility and most of all self-confidence!

WHEN: 3/4 at 20h45-21h45
LEVEL: complete beginners
PRICE : 15€

Passes and prices

ready to book ?

2 workshops + 1 pole practice

6 classes of 1h30




2 workshops + 2 pole practice

3 workshops



You have a 24 hour cancellation window for the classes  and a 48 hour cancellation for the workshops. Any later cancellations will NOT be refunded.
All credits have to be used before DECEMBER 31.

Late arrivals:
The student arrives at the class on time in order to participate in the warm up to reduce the risk of injury.
The teacher reserves the right to refuse to allow the student to join the class if he/she is not warmed up properly.

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"Since I set foot in her studio 4 years ago, I fell completely in love with both pole dance and DC Pole Studio. Diana and her team really make you feel welcome, strong and sexy!"


"Amazing pole dance school. Open to everyone. Lots of positive energy and a great atmosphere."


"Fun classes, great teachers, have been looking forward to going back! Would recommend it to anyone who's interested - no matter your age/body type!"


"Diana is an amazing teacher who will lift you up, every time you feel down. Classes are varied, the atmosphere is really good and pole is just the most fun sport there is!"


"The classes give me so much confidence. Everytime I do things, I didn't know I could do. I overcome my fears and I grow every time. The combination of tricks and dancing makes it a sport with a lot of variation. I love it!"


"Diana is an amazing teacher, I learn so much during her pole classes. She challenges and encourages you all the time. Besides all of that she is also super sweet and funny."


"Pole dancing for me is a way to be with myself. When I do pole dancing the only thing that comes in my mind is how I will do this next move - a great brain clean up and focus training for me."


"Lovely teacher. Overall great atmosphere during class. It was super fun and a good workout!"


"You cannot believe how thankful I am to learn a sport I am absolutely in love with and with teachers who let us believe in ourselves, let us feel powerful, encourage us, embrace who we are and what our style in pole dance can be. So a big thank you!"


"I love seeing/feeling how I’m already getting stronger and becoming more in control of my body.  It’s a very special class, it’s not just physical but also psychological. I think it has a bigger effect on people than you might know! The group lifts each other up, and you are the heart of that group." 


Where can you find us ?


Leuven Center
6 Sint-Antoniusberg
3000 Leuven

Leuven Zuid
45 Frederik Lintsstraat
3000 Leuven

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