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We empower women & men to feel stronger, confident and embrace their body through pole dance while having fun! 

Reach your physical and mental goals!

We provide a safe and supportive environment for women and men whatever their age, gender or fitness level. Pole dance is a fun and original way to build strength, flexibility and most of all, self-confidence!

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about us

We are a unique pole dance school based in Leuven, Wilsele and Heverlee, giving more than 30 classes a week by 10 skilled teachers.

Joining our studio means finding a place where dance meets strength, flow meets sensuality and most importantly, where community embraces exactly who you are.
You can start exactly where you are and our experienced pole dance instructors will help you to connect with your body, boosting your self-confidence.

online coaching

Boost your shoulders

Do you want strong and mobile shoulders? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, this shoulder-focused program will help you to build healthy, flexible and strong shoulders. These exercises are the key to progress safely and functionally while reducing the risks of injury!

online coaching

"Self-made body" program

Take your fitness to the next level with the "SELF-MADE BODY" online program, a 30-day journey to get stronger! Get ready to sweat, sculpt, and tone your entire body with workouts that will challenge you every day. For all levels!

Online product


A dictionary to know the names of the movements and finally become the hashtags queen on Intagram. Available soon.

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New session for complete beginners

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WARM-UP ROUTINE for pole dancers

Do you need a warming-up routine to start your pole training? Here it is... 28 minutes of exercises that will help you to warm up the main muscles used during a pole dance session.
This is not an exhaustive routine! Don't hesitate to add cardio and a few sets of abs. After each workout, don't forget to stretch your upper body with a focus on the shoulders.

MOBILITY ROUTINE for pole dancers and no-pole dancers

Do you want more mobile and flexible shoulders? There are no secrets...You have to work for it. Healthy, flexible, strong shoulders are the key to success in pole - especially when it comes to advanced tricks! 
Here you have a 16-minute routine that you can do minimum 3 times a week for 5 weeks to see concrete progress. The most important thing is not to go fast... but to be aware of what you are doing: understand the movement and do it in full consciousness!

"Since I set foot in her studio 4 years ago, I fell completely in love with both pole dance and DC Pole Studio. Diana and her team really make you feel welcome, strong and sexy!"


"Amazing pole dance school. Open to everyone. Lots of positive energy and a great atmosphere."


"Fun classes, great teachers, have been looking forward to going back! Would recommend it to anyone who's interested - no matter your age/body type!"


"Diana is an amazing teacher who will lift you up, every time you feel down. Classes are varied, the atmosphere is really good and pole is just the most fun sport there is!"


"The classes give me so much confidence. Everytime I do things, I didn't know I could do. I overcome my fears and I grow every time. The combination of tricks and dancing makes it a sport with a lot of variation. I love it!"


"Diana is an amazing teacher, I learn so much during her pole classes. She challenges and encourages you all the time. Besides all of that she is also super sweet and funny."


"Pole dancing for me is a way to be with myself. When I do pole dancing the only thing that comes in my mind is how I will do this next move - a great brain clean up and focus training for me."


"Lovely teacher. Overall great atmosphere during class. It was super fun and a good workout!"


"You cannot believe how thankful I am to learn a sport I am absolutely in love with and with teachers who let us believe in ourselves, let us feel powerful, encourage us, embrace who we are and what our style in pole dance can be. So a big thank you!"


"I love seeing/feeling how I’m already getting stronger and becoming more in control of my body.  It’s a very special class, it’s not just physical but also psychological. I think it has a bigger effect on people than you might know! The group lifts each other up, and you are the heart of that group." 


You are beautiful. You are strong.

Our goal is to transform exercise into a celebration of what the body can do. We will help you gain confidence and support your courage to be your authentic self also outside of the studio.